Saturday, 7 December 2013

December T Holidays

I went through the stocks on our local market, frankly nothing to talk about except it is likely to continue sleeping with downside bias. Seemed like i have not missed much during my busy work schedule in November.

I am more excited about my upcoming family vacation for which i think i really need one to recharge myself for the next year... (always have excuses to go for holidays).

We changed our travel destination from one T to another T this year. We have been visiting Japan for the last few years (central and southern part) and decided to finally give it a miss this year amidst all the unreported radiation north of Tokyo and visit another T instead... see the map and you can guess it.

I thought it will be a good thing to start blogging for my travelogue (to beef up some substance here) and to try doing it "live" 实地报导 daily, since it is my dream to go travel round the world one day so bear with me if you are a "friend" only for the IPO blog...the travel part comes with it as well since travelling is part of Mr. IPO's life. haha

Anyway, the last time i really toured Taiwan when i was there on a student exchange program. That was when i was 15.... and it has been so many many years since, other than for business trips in between to Taipei. So my travel itinerary will go like this. A - B - C - D - E - F for a total of 10 nights and i will be setting off next week. Cannot tell you the exact dates in case some burglars are reading my blog. haha but watch this space. :)

Happy holidaying and remember to take a break to recharge too.

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