Monday, 23 December 2013

Day 6 Sun Moon Lake

It's raining again. Very suay (in hokkien) as i "activate" the wet weather plans. 

Puli Wine Brewery

Have to find some indoor stuff to do. Visited the wine brewery famous for its 绍兴酒. This is where Japanese has some influence in the brewing of sake as well. 

This is similar to our visit to vineyards where instead of barrels of wine, you see jugs of wine with strong alcohol content.

Frankly I don't know how to appreciate "Chinese" wine except that I know my liver will be crying for help. 

Wow there is even a "wine" bank. Haha. Liquid gold!?!

Anyway this is some place to hide from the rain. Not really a place I would recommend unless you are a fan or hiding from the elements. 

Paper Dome Church

This was brought to Taiwan from Kobe after the earthquake hit the region in 2000. 

It would be meaningless to visit here if you don't catch the person giving a talk about how the paper church came to Taiwan. We were lucky to catch one as there was a tour group before us. Heng ah...Haha

Sun Moon Lake

This is the view of the "mysterious" Sun Moon Lake from our hotel room. Since we paid so much for this hot spring hotel, might as well check in early to enjoy the onsen and facilities. 

Fleur de Chine Sun Moon Lake

Expensive but good. Would have given it full marks except for the disappointing dinner set that was included in the package. On hindsight, i think the buffet dinner would have been a better option. Will not post pictures of my dinner but my younger son had a great time eating the child's set meal and I have to admit it tasted great. 

The hotel is equipped with a table tennis table, pool table, gym, x box kinetic and table games. This help pass the time as we gave 慈恩塔 a miss since we reckon we can't see anything from the top anyway. 

Urrg... Rain rain go away...

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