Sunday, 22 December 2013

Day 5 - Cingjing

Managed to catch sunrise from Energy Vacation Home at around 7am today. 

It is a rare sight for me given that this has been an unusually wet December. Better enjoy while it last. 


Look at the clear blue sky today. It's wonderful! But lasted only a day. Haha

There is a show where the 2 sheep dogs gather the sheep from the highlands into a sorting pen before a sheep was chosen to shave off its crowning glory. 

The concept is similar to the NZ farm where there are sheep shearing shows but here will only be twice a day. 

There is also a horse show by Mongolian riders included in the price of the ticket. Anyway, this is a "must visit" attraction in Cingjing but you will meet a lot of tour groups here. 

Taiwan sausages

There is a nice sausage stall with a queue  and different flavors. The one in the middle is nice. Here is the stall owner below. 

Local Lunch specialty

I got this place from a fellow blogger who blog about his experience. The place was also visited by the hosts of 时尚玩家. The view here is excellent and the chicken is worth trying. You can give the fish head hot pot a miss. I will not post the picture here. 

This is the view from the restaurant and the famous chicken is below. You will need to "dissect" the chicken with the pair of gloves given. 

Swiss Garden

There is a Swiss Garden, I think you can give it a miss. Nothing much in there and my suggestion is that you can sit on the balcony of Carton King that oversees the Swiss Garden and you have seen almost all of the Swiss Garden. The only "fun" thing you can do inside is probably to feed the ducks and watch the musical fountain if you are feeling nostalgia about Sentosa. 

Carton King

Everything in this cafe is made up of carton. 

We had afternoon tea in the balcony overlooking the Swiss Garden. 

The drink box can be turned into a piggy coin box. Good way to start saving for retirement.  ^_^

Happy saving up! :)

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