Monday, 16 December 2013

Day 2 - Yilan

五峰旗瀑布 Wu Feng Qi waterfalls

This morning is for healthy living. We are hiking to the waterfalls. There are 3 levels of waterfalls and will take about an hour to and fro. It is within walking distance from our hotel. 

This is my youngest son. Still going strong and leaving all of us behind. 

Level 1 waterfall 

Level 2 waterfalls

A thing I really wished Singapore has is more natural hiking trails. Like those in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Not too many unfortunately. 

It started to drizzle and we decide to give level 3 waterfalls a miss and "cheong" back to the hotel. Our hotel is in the far distance and beside the river. 

Ok enough of healthy lifestyle and time for the more touristy stuff..

Lanyang Museum

I admit it. We are not the museum kind. Haha. We are here to take picture of the unique architecture. The museum looks like a building that has collapsed into the lake. Here you go. Half submerged in the pond.

Lunch at 掌上名珠

This is apparently a very "sought after" dining venue. It was recommended by my Taiwanese friend and the lunch took more than 2 hours. Haha. I have say that the venue is nice but the food is so so. 

This is where the lunch is... Very atas setting, I have to say. A 8 course "Omakase" lunch. 

The menu is written above. Can you decipher it?


Local prawns that is too well cooked. 


Sashimi that is fresh. But Taiwanese has an interesting way of eating sashimi. They like to squeeze some lime 吉 onto the sashimi. 


This is simply steamed scallops. 


This is basically egg with sea urchin (also known in Japan as uni). I felt that uni is wasted cooking in this way but the taste is unlike the Japanese version which taste soft and sweet. This Canadian uni is probably frozen and the texture is not as pleasing. 


The next dish is wagyu beef in pot. A waste of Wagyu?

The next dish is a wired looking maki with strawberry inside. Let me insert the pix next time when I extract them from my camera. 


This is the hot pot of local fish. The fish is quite "Q" meaning "bouncy" in Taiwanese. 


Dessert is water custard with whipped cream on top. 

National Center for traditional arts

This is like a theme park with traditional arts being maintained on 2 sides. Some shops will be selling traditional sweets while others selling traditional paper crafts like tops. Same as the one you played when you are young?

Thought of buying one owl back to Singapore for my house but it is really not  cheap. Haha. 

And a perfect way to end the day with a traditional Taiwan sausage. Haha

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