Sunday, 1 February 2015

Countries Mr. IPO visited

I have a passion to travel and am already planning for my next trip in June this year.

It's my way of keeping myself motivated at work by having something to look forward to and feeling "deserved" that I have earned it. 

When I am younger, I will want to cover as many places as I can. As I aged, I prefer to do it more leisurely and independently from tour groups. The idea of someone telling me what time to wake up, where to go and what to have for dinner is just not too appealing.

The countries i visited are compiled here. It is to be updated each time i visit a new country but at the rate where i keep going back to the same few countries... i think my progress will be pretty slow. I have been visiting Japan almost every year for the last 8 years and this year the Yen/SGD rate is one of the most attractive ever!

On that note, no bonus points for guessing where i will be heading this June. The Euro is trading at 5 years record low and i have started to convert some Euros for my upcoming trip. If you want to get more bang for your dollar, it may be good to keep tab on movements in the forex market too ^_^

I received a pleasant surprise recently. I had previously blog about my Uber experience and why you should use it when you are in USA. Now someone actually used the code rotib when they downloaded the app! Thanks to whoever you are, i received an email from Uber saying that i have earned a free ride! :) 

I have decided to create a tab called "Freebies for readers" for this blog and if there are freebies pertaining to the relevant blogs, i will create those tabs as well. Maybe next time you will see "free stock tips if you sign up for ABC" Lol

Time flies and it is Feb 1 already! As usual, i am overwhelmed with work and below are some of the pictures from my recent working trip to Hong Kong.  

Flight to HK

The menu looks good but... the roasted pork is as hard as a rock.....

This should be called roasted "Jiok Tao"

Cheese anyone?

View from hotel and local breakfast

As usual, the HK hotel is full and they put me in a suite knowing I will be gone first thing in the morning. I hate suite. It's pretty scary when you are travelling alone. Hahaha. I would rather have a smaller room anytime. 

Local breakfast at "Kam Fong"

I started with the egg tart. No good. 

I have to say... even the standard for milk tea has fallen off the clift. It tasted bland. Must be a bad morning for the staff

Now at least this instant noodle tasted yummy. Maybe because I have a weakness for runny egg. The luncheon meat tasted great too!

Happy travels! You only live once :)

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