Friday, 17 February 2017

Tokyo Business Trip

My business trips are coming in "fast and furious" and I don't really fancy my upcoming schedules. 

I have done two trips so far. One to Tokyo and the other to Hong Kong. I have decided to "blog more" to keep you entertained. so here you go.... Some irrelevant non financial retirement stuff from me. 😝

SQ to and fro Tokyo 

It is now much easier to travel for business to Tokyo. I love flying in and out through the Haneda airport. Narita airport for biz travel are just too painful. It also helps that SQ now fly a brand new A350 aircraft on some of its flights to Haneda - so choose wisely 😂. 

The business class "Japanese" food on SQ is always an art itself. It comes in two nice bento boxes, served one after the other. 

Traveling is the only time I catch up with sleep and movies. I chose a Korean movie this time, which in recent years, has overtaken Japanese movies. More action, less draggy, better plots. Lucky Key is a funny comedy, watch it if it is still screening. 

Night view of Tokyo is always beautiful except the hotel which I stayed in, Imperial Tokyo Hotel, is really in need of a major upgrade. They didn't even provide a queen bed and the room looks really dated. There are better business hotels around, so I will skip this next time...

If you are flying back from Haneda, the ANA business class lounge is great. What I have learned over the years is that the lounges are better if you get to use the lounges run by the dominant airline. Example using Turkish airline lounge in Istanbul instead of a SQ lounge or Virgin lounge in London etc. unfortunately this rule doesn't apply in USA. The lounges there CMI (cannot make it) all the time. 

So if you haven't had enough of sake in Japan, you can drink to your hearts content before your flight home at the ANA lounge. They are served chilled in nice porcelain containers.  

Here is the view of the new A350 aircraft from the lounge and more bento sets on my flight back...

... Which I regretted almost immediately ... I will give them a miss next time.... 😂



  1. Hi Mr IPO, I enjoyed reading your blog to Tokyo. Please continue to blog about your travels...thumbs up !...TK368

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