Thursday, 19 December 2013

Day 4 - Taroko Gorge - Cinging

Taroko Gorge

The next morning continue to rain non stop so the only trail we can do is the Swallow's grotto. The usual touristy stuff. 

With umbrella in one hand and camera in the other and viewing the gorge in its majestic self. While the rain causes inconvenience, it added a little layer of mysterious "fog" which makes the place like 仙境.  

We drove to our next destination Cingjing after lunch. The rain make the drive a tad more dangerous.  

He Huan San 

Amazingly, the sky started to clear up while we were on our way to Cingjing and we managed to catch a glimpse of the famed 合欢山 which cater to people who wants to see sunrise.

There is a tour bus that comes up to this platform every morning for NT$400/pax at around 3-4am. My take is that you should take the bus only when the weather report is good, otherwise you will see nothing... See the mist surrounding the platform. 

Wu Ling

Not far from He Huan Shan is Wu Ling, the highest point in that region. The view on a clear sunny day is good and today is our lucky day considering I just had a few days of rain. You can imagine that weather can make or break a holiday plan. 

You can see it is a small winding road up to Wu Ling. interestingly this is the place where Japanese had a big fight against the local tribes where both sides suffered heavy losses. 

Energy Vacation Home Village

Accommodation for the next two nights is 爱力家 where it is operated as a 民缩. The place is decent and basic to stay but nothing luxurious. 

It's location is rather good though as it is located on a high ground where you can see sunrise at 7am in the morning and is within walking distance to Swiss Garden and is central to all major attractions.

It's hot pot dinner at the hotel tonight (wifey calls it a motel). 
If you want a more cosy place to stay, I would recommend Shangri-la Hanging Garden that is just located beside my hotel. The only catch is you need to book  Shangri-la hanging garden pretty early. The family that runs it is the Lo Family which also owns the more expensive Old England and Shangrila Music Box Castle. 

Happy Cingjinging... Will show you more places in Cingjing tomorrow. The wifi at Energy Home is bad and I had trouble uploading my pictures. Haha

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