Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Day 8 - Leofoo Resort

This is the hotel lobby with a stuffed animal. The ringed tailed lemurs came into the lobby to hide from the rain while we were checking in, creating a little panic along the way as staff went chasing after them. 

Imagine staying inside a room that oversee the animals while they graze. Sounds like a perfect idea for the kids. Except that the animals don't feel up to it in the cold and rainy weather. Haha

The deco in the room had an African theme and there is a nice high table with high stools to view the animals outside. 

Even the bar stools have leopard spots. 

This is the view from our room window. In case you are wondering, no poo poo

A lonely zebra grazing the grass with the flamingoes as companions. 

Ok finally they managed to lure 2 rhinos out to eat "breakfast". 

Accordingly to the hotel liaison officer, the giraffes are on MC today as the cold weather is not suitable. Keke ^_^


Come to this resort only when the weather is good but unfortunately weather is beyond our control. Most people stayed for one night with a side visit to the Leofoo Theme Park. However, not for us this time. How to enjoy theme park rides in the rain ah...


We decide to leave for the restaurant beside the fish market in Taipei to enjoy a nice lunch. 

If you want nice sushi and sashimi and don't mind standing at the counters to eat, then this place is for you to buy and pack out. Cheap and good. 

However, if you want to eat inside, they have a real stupid system. You can only choose to eat raw seafood OR sushi OR hotpot OR grilled seafood. Notice the big OR ? You can't have grilled seafood with sashimi. 

In the end, we choose to have grilled seafood. I have to say the standard is so so. Nothing special. 

Buy the ready to eat sashimi and sushi for takeaway. There are standing tables for consuming them outside the shop. 

They are pretty fresh and good value for money. Don't bother with the grilled seafood (also known as 烧烤). 

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