Monday, 23 December 2013

Day 7 - Sun Moon Lake - Leofoo Resort

Cable Car to 九族文化村

This morning we took the cable car to the theme park - 九族文化村.

It was cold and foggy and you can't see a thing once the cable car moved up into higher land. 

If you purchase the theme park tickets, the cable car ride is included but then hor... 没东西看.


The last time I visited this place was when I was a student on school exchange program. During my time, it was considered "prestigious" to be selected as only students who have contributed to the school are shortlisted. 

Anyway the place has changed in the sense that it was build some rides and converted into a theme park. I guess it couldn't survive on pure cultural grounds. 

We spent more time doing archery and taking rides than understanding the culture of the indigenous tribes, which is sad considering this is not what it is built for.

And after all these years, i still cannot understand why there is a European garden within the compound. Totally doesn't make sense.

If you ask me, I would haven't given this theme park a miss except that it is a typical "check box" on the "tourist's to do list". 

We spent about 4 hours in the theme park before calling it a day and headed out for our next destination. 

Leofoo Resort Guanshi 六福村

I will talk more about the resort in the next post. However I have to tell you that during this period, when you sing "mari-kita" in the restaurant,  all the people except for the waiters will probably stand up so we decide to give the buffet a miss :-P

If you stay here, don't go for the buffet, try the set dinner here instead. The chef is pretty good and they use organic ingredients. You can use the buffet vouchers for the set dinner. They probably don't offer this to tour groups. 

Starter - Scallops slightly seared with sour berry. 

Soup - pumpkin soup with croutons. 

Smoked salmon with greens and special sauce. 

Stewed beef on a hot plate. 

Dessert with fruits. 

We met a Singaporean tour guide who came with the CTC group and has stayed in Taiwan for the last 11 years. 

She recommended this "仙草" dessert in the restaurant and it was pretty good! Try it if you visit this resort next time. 

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