Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The demise of Google Maps?

It is interesting to note that Tim Cook apologize for the problems caused by Apple Maps and it actually caused me not want to buyiphone5 or upgrade to iOS6.

In recent years, the main reason why i subscribed for data plan when i travel is not because i wanted to access facebook or emails but rather i wanted to have access to Google maps so that i won't get lost! Goggle Maps was extremely helpful because i can easily search for the location of famous attractions, local favorite restaurants and know exactly where i have parked my car by dropping a pin. (In case you are wondering, the Google Map is in addition to the GPS in the car). I have absolute faith in it in Europe and Japan.

In fact, I have learned to trust Goggle Maps so much so that i thought its accuracy applies to everywhere only to find out the hard way in Indonesia.

The GPS and the Google Map couldn't bring me to my resort in Bali and i wasted 2 hours driving around looking for the place. hahaha The location on the map was out by almost a few Kilometers.

Digital Life carries and interesting assessment of the Maps today.

The results of Digital Life is presented below... Google Map is still the best!

We will have to stick to Google Map. I still have good faith in it despite that fateful incident. :)

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