Thursday, 4 October 2012

Flights review between Singapore & Siem Reap

Jetstar Airways from Singapore - Siem Reap
We flew from Singapore to Siem Reap in Cambodia through Jetstar Asia and back via Silkair.

I have previously mentioned that it was cheaper to fly by Silkair from Singapore to Cambodia but unfortunately, due to work commitments, we had to fly out late on Thursday afternoon and Jetstar was the only flight available.

My review:  The interior of the aircraft was dirty and there were  food stains near the seats where we sat. In fact, i spotted some curry stains on the pouch in front of me. The fact that we have to pay extra for luggage, seats, online payment, food... etc etc and that it was cheaper to fly via Silkair left a bad taste on Jetstar. We didn't bother to eat or drink onboard.
Silkair from Siem Reap - Singapore

The aircraft from Siem Reap to Singapore was pretty new. It was a refreshing change from the dark black leather seats of Jetstar. The fact is i can choose my seats and everything else is included in the price. The highlight for the kids were the toys and the meals on board. :) We definitely prefer Silkair to Jetstar if given a choice.

Kids meal

The kids had pasta chicken and

Fried rice with fish
the adults had fried rice with fish. The winner for me is Silkair even though the food we had were mediocre!


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