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Food Review - Heritage Suites, Siem Reap

From my earlier post, you would know that we stayed in Heritage Suites in Siem Reap for 3 nights. We had dinner there on the first and last night. Here is a quick review on the food we had. We had the tasting menu on the first night. (The menu on the bottom right below).

Tasting Menu

Detailed menu

 Bread with real garlic and butter!
The garlic bread came with real garlic and butter which you then "mashed" together to spread on the bread. It was really delicious.

I always "judged" a restaurant by how good the bread is. If the restaurant serves good bread, you can be pretty assured of a certain level of standard for the food.

Linguine Carbonara with egg
My kids ordered a plate of Linguine Carbonara. It was pretty tasty and usually you can't go wrong ordering this even though it is not my favourite. The seemingly raw egg blends nicely with the bacon and pasta and tasted good. I am not a fan of this dish but it does look and taste good.

Tuna with mango
The first dish of the tasting menu is the tuna with mango infused into it. If the dishes looked "fusion" to you, i don't think you are wrong. The taste does blend well with the tuna and mango melting in your mouth.

Foie Gras cambodian style
The Foie Gras tasted fine as well but not as exquisite

Jazz night
It was Jazz night when we were there and things can get rowdy and noisy. It is a form of gathering for the 'expatriates' working in Siem Reap and many came to network every thursday. If you cannot 'tahan' loud music, then my suggestion is to avoid this place during Thursdays.

Grilled Mekong "Lobster"
I am not sure why they call this a "lobster". It looked very much and tasted very much like a prawn. It must have been a busy Thursday night as the prawn was a tad over-cooked and once prawn is overcooked, the texture becomes more rubbery

Beef tenderloin
The beef tenderloin tasted much better than the "lobster" and the portion is just right and goes really well with a glass of red.

Exotic Gratin

The exotic food is actually a "Dragon eye fruit" in Chinese. hahaha can't remember the English name for this. I gave it a miss.

Breakfast at Hotel

The breakfast at the hotel is "ala-carte" buffet style where you can eat as much as you like but order only what you like to have. I find this arrangement much better than buffet style.

Omelette with sausages and bacon

My kids love the Omelette while we prefer ours the sunny side up with a runny egg yolk waiting to ooze out.I will take the egg and put it into my noodles.

Sunny side up

Bee Hoon Chicken
I had the bee hoon for 3 mornings in a roll. It was that good and tasted heavenly with a dash of lime. The chicken blends better than the pork and beef as it is less hard.

Ala carte Dinner

Italian Barolo
We had dinner on the last night here as well. We ordered some similar dishes from the tasting menu and had a bottle of red Italian wine.  (I will not repost the same dishes we had here).

We shared some soup (can't remember what exactly) haha..scallop carparccio salad and lamb rack. The meal we had was good and the lady serving us was excellent. She is really an outstanding waitress who make sure we are well taken care of and provided excellent service. (I must remember to take their pictures next time).


Lamb rack

My intention of this blog is to build up the pages slowly overtime so that it can actually help 'archive' some of the nice memories we had and provide reference materials to fellow travellers who share the same passion as me.. I still have tons of pictures which is in my hard drive and i will share them slowly whenever time permits (such as when the market is in a doldrums) haha... but somehow at the rate at which we love to travel, i think i will have a difficult time catching up... :-P

Happy travelling.

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