Saturday, 6 October 2012

Siem Reap - ATV Countryside Tour

We decided to be more adventurous on the second day and took the kids to experience the "real Cambodia" to explore the country side and its paddy fields. The rainy season caused the roads to be extremely muddy so don't expect this to be 'clean' fun if you intend to take this tour.

ATV Countryside Tour
In case you don't know what "ATV" stands for, it means "All-Terrain Vehicles". So basically it is a 4 wheel drive vehicle which you drive along muddy roads besides the paddy fields.

The path towards to countryside
We set off from the hotel towards the countryside. I have to warned that the journey to-and-from the hotel is actually the most dangerous part. If you are not used to driving on the main roads in an unfamiliar vehicle, then my suggestion is not to do this tour unless you are confident of handing the machine or that the tour starts and ends in the country side.

A lot of mud puddles along the way
You can see how muddy the road is and thankfully, we are on the vehicles.We cross a wooden bridge and you can see the paddy fields from afar.
A wooden bridge across the river
We drove past some make-shift stores. It was an 'eye opener' for the kids.Not sure if you dare to buy food and water from them though.

Make shift stalls. 
We drove past some farmers with their cows on their way to work.

Farmer and his cows

We drove past many children and this two kids were probably too playful to go school this morning.

2 playful kids waddling in the pool

Anchanh Primary School
There are probably a dozen of kids missing from school and playing in the fields or pools. Maybe it is the canteen break?
School lessons over?
Future Ronaldos in the making

The school boys in action on the make-shift soccer fields and the ball flew all over the place. Look at the nice paddy fields from afar. The rice served in Cambodia is actually quite fragrant. Similar to those found in Thailand.
A banana kick resulted in the ball going into water

Water buffalo

Even the water buffalo can take a break today! It was a happy day for all...

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