Friday, 7 September 2012

The Pandas are in Singapore!

The Pandas arrived in Singapore yesterday. Think it is going to start a Panda craze in the coming months and will probably benefit CDL Hospitality Trust and Far East Hospitality Trust. I remember seeing a pair of pandas in Ueno Zoo a few years back (still have the pictures) and Singapore is one of the few beneficiaries of the "Panda Diplomacy" by China.

I remember visiting the pandas in Chengdu in 2005 (actually i have covered most of the China's famous scenes, will show more pictures next time). The pandas were housed in Chengdu Panda Breeding and Research Center. It's pretty easy to get there by cab from the city centre.

The pandas are pretty cute and you can stay there for a long time just to watch them play and feed on bamboos. They are very particular about food and they only 'mate two days a year. Such low drive ah...  no wonder pro-creation is an issue. Will panda made in Singapore during the loan period of 10 years become a Singapore citizen? If that is the case, the pandas really must buck up and the Singapore zoo must create a work life balance to ensure baby pandas are "created" ^-^ 

Above are some pictures of the pandas in 2005. It was then i realized they do have a 'poorer'cousin called the red panda. I guess it is just a reflection of life? Same name different "life"? 同人不同命

Red Panda

Do visit Chengdu if you have the opportunity and visit the Pandas! Of course, they are much nearer to us now. One more panda pictures from my hand held automatic camera... pardon the lousy resolution... life is good for the panda! 

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