Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Budget carriers!?

Singapore wants to be an aviation center and currently has 2 local 'budget carriers'.

One is Tiger Airways, the other is Jetstarasia.(let's leave Scoot out of the picture for now). 
I totally disagree with the business model adopted by SIA but that will be another long post altogether.

Today i tried to book 4 tickets to Siem Reap and see what i found out for flights on the same dates... the "joke" is... it is cheaper to fly by Silkair for a trip to Ankor Wat. in Cambodia.

Screen shot from Silkair website below:

Screen shot from Jetstar website below.
Here comes the best part. For Jetstar, I have to pay extra for the normal seats ($5 x 4), food ($30 x 4), visa booking fee ($9 x 4) = $176 extra. Total = $2,003.60

In other words, flying a full service carrier will save me a whopping $394 for 4 and yet i have more flexible tickets which allows me to change the dates on Silkair without penalties.

Am i missing something here?!

Hope this dispel some of your beliefs that budget carriers are always cheaper. hahaha. hence it is always a good idea to compare prices.

When i have the time, I will explain the business model of budget carriers, need to plan the trip first.

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