Thursday, 21 June 2012

Hotel Review - Ubud Hanging Garden

If you are looking for a great hotel to chill out, i will strongly recommend Ubud Hanging Garden. This is my first time staying in Ubud as I have previously stayed near Kuta and Jimberan area. The resort is not exactly near Ubud centre but it is about 30-40 mins away by private transport.

Steps leading down from the lobby
When you first arrived at the hotel lobby, it is located right at the top of the hill. There are funiculars serving the hotel guests bringing you right down to your villas at the various levels on the hill.

Blooming orchids at the lobby.
View from the lobby

You can see an old temple right on the opposite of the hotel lobby at the far end. You can hike to that temple through the trails once you cross the river at the foot of the hill. It is in June and the weather is "cool and chill". In fact, we were pleasantly surprised by the cool weather in Bali. The temperature outside is around 22-24 degrees and can be chilling at night but very dry so you will not be sweating throughout the day.

Common pool
This is the common pool in the hotel and you can see right at the valley and the temple at the far end. Very relaxing. The picture was taken from the restaurant during breakfast.

Welcome drink
A welcome drink to start your stay! Refreshing juice with a wet towel.

King size bed with a view

The pool is heated but frankly, couldn't fee it. If only they can make it into a heated pool, i would have given it a 6 stars rating. It is very pleasing to look at the greenery as you swim to the edge of the infinity pool.

A very decent size lap pool with greenery.
We prefer to stay on the "higher floors" and you have a good view of the surrounding valley.

Deck chairs
Some deck chairs for you to laze around during the day by the pool. If you get bored during your stay, you can hike to the temple and this is the river at the bottom of the valley and the trail starts once you cross the bridge.
Hiking trail opposite the river
I will strongly recommend this place if you intend to chill out for a few nights in Ubud with a cool climate.

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