Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Day 2 - Mt Fuji Safari Park

This post continues from where we left off earlier

This morning we tried the ensuite onsen bath in Hakone. From the bathtub on our balcony, we can see the Gora station below and watch the trains roll in as it brings in the day trip visitors from Tokyo. We can still see some autumn leaves even though it is early December. The weather was cool and relaxing. This type of ensuite onsen is suitable for couples or for foreigners who are shy to use the main pool.... we will use the main pool anytime. hahaha

View from room with ensuite bath facing Gora Station
After our slow and sumptuous breakfast, we proceed to our highlight for today.  Fuji Safari Park. 

富士山こどもの国   (open from 10 am to 3pm)
417-0803 静岡県富士市桑崎1015 (しずおかけん ふじし かざき1015
0545-22-5555 / FAX0545-22-5551 (alternative number: 055-998-1311)

There are online discount coupons for DIY travellers for many attractions, thus it does pay off to do some research into the places that you want to visit. The car ride from the  Hakone to Mt. Fuji Safari park took about 1hr and 20 mins and you will pass by Gotemba Premium outlet if you are keen on visiting the branded 'factory outlet' in Japan.

The zoo is pretty interesting if this is your first time to a "drive-thru" zoo. The open-zoo concept is simple, you sit in the comfort of your own car and stay as long as you like but make sure you don't wind down your car windows! We did not take any of the buses above but drove our rental car into the Safari Park. The scenery would have been awesome if we can see Mt. Fuji but today was a very cloudy day. I am not sure if the animals appreciate the fumes from our car though...as we stayed there for about an hour.

We drove our own car into the park. Alternative way will be to take the safari bus.

Children's zoo
At the end of the car ride, you can disembark and visit the Children's zoo where you can watch mini horses racing against one another or you can feed the 'always hungry' kangaroos. This is a place where you can spend at least 2 hours if you have kids.

This place is enroute from Hakone to Lake Kawaguchi near Mt Fuji. 

Happy Holidaying.

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