Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The CEO of a Company is critical!

If you remember my post last year at the start of EPL Season, i predicted that the top 5 teams will be

1. Chelsea
2. Manchester City
3. Tottenham
4. Manchester United
5. Arsenal

I only got 3 out of the 5 correct but interestingly there are some management lessons to be shared.

3 of the teams have a new CEO (aka Manager) last season - Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United. If you are a Man U fan, i am sorry to say that a wrong CEO was chosen from the start. The shoes was too big for him to fill. His mid-table mentality can never make it. 

I always respect Managers who have the winning mindset, who can bring out the best in its players and most importantly, win it with style. I have to say that this year, i think both Manchester City and Liverpool managers deserve credit for trying to do it the "right" way.

Pretty disappointed with Chelsea for employing the "parking the bus" tactics and stifling creative play. Since Manchester City probably bought their way to success, i would have preferred to see a Liverpool victory but she has already exceeded all my expectations. Liverpool wasn't even in my top 5 prediction. Similarly in your pursuit for financial freedom, remember to do it with style and taste, don't live life like a miser - you will never be happy and do whatever you need to do before you die....like watching a premier league match live if you have the opportunity.

Similarly, the CEO of a Company is absolutely critical The top sets the tone. This is always the case. Invest in a Company whose management you like and trust. However, having said that, it is always the most difficult assessment to make. If you haven't read the book on Steve Jobs, go read it. It is quite a easy to read book and give insights as to how he wanted Apple to become and he sets the creative tone. One of the most important philosophy he has that stuck with me was that "A performers only want to work in a team of A performers. If you condone a "C" performer in the team, the A performers will feel unappreciated and leave and you will be left with a team of C performers"

Handpick your CEO and invest wisely! ^_^


  1. "Since Manchester City probably bought their way to success, i would have preferred to see a Liverpool victory"

    It takes a Singaporean to believe that Liverpool FC is some kind of authentic sporting club that's unsullied by money. Hilarious.

  2. Keke it's all relative 😁

  3. Running foul of UEFA fair play counts ?

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