Saturday, 1 February 2014

China biz trip

Think I am having a overdose of flying these days. 

Morning 830 SQ flight to HK

Flying to HK followed by BJ. Having a bad experience with Air China last time where my flight was delayed by 2 hours, this time I will try Dragon Air for my HK-BJ sector instead. 

The menu today was brunch but I have to tell you I have the most disappointing breakfast on SQ. Won't pick this choice for main course again. 

Starts with a fruit platter followed by yogurt. 

The main course was a wrong choice. Pls pick the grilled pork next time. The passenger beside me choose that and it looks good. 

One look you know the noodles taste like rubber band. With all due credit, the air stewardess offered to change for me when she saw that I didn't finish my food but maybe I am just too overdose with flying... 

Dragon Air 7pm flight to Beijing

I have to say that Dragon Air offered better food and service than Air China! Unfortunately my experience was marred by another flight delay where my 7pm flight only took off at 915pm and i reached Beijing after midnight. 

The food was so much better in terms of both presentation and taste. 

The appetizer was scallops and prawns. Followed by steam rice with beef. 

Then it ended off with a few choices of Hagen Dazz ice cream and I picked the mango flavor. Yummy. 

Shangri-La World Summit

It was always ironic. I get to stay in good hotels but never get to enjoy it 

The lobby is at 64th floor so you can imagine the view outside. 

Nice his and hers washing basins and the toothbrush comes with Colgate. 

Nice bathtub which I am too tired to use. 

Welcome fruit basket and chocolates which I didn't get to enjoy. 

A very comfortable bed which I only get to sleep in at 2am and my meeting is at 9am the same day. 

This room is huge but I think the corporate rate was reasonable at RMB 1580 before taxes. 

Don't know what to say about the view. It feels so dirty and polluted. The PM2.5 is for sure more than 100 and that is on the low side this morning. 

A day full of meetings after meetings and I caught the last flight out at 00:10 feeling exhausted but just in time for my CNY eve dinner...

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