Saturday, 25 January 2014

Seoul biz trip

Recently flew to Seoul for a business meeting.  

I never thought the streets will be layered with frozen ice as well and it was pretty slippery. I have never visited Seoul in Janaury before. 

I was hiding in coffee bean waiting for my meeting to start at 10am and watching the world goes by. 

The lunch venue was located in an old building. Sometimes when clients bring you for lunch, you can't really take out your camera to take pictures can you? Too "unprofessional". Haha

There was a man made water fall and pond and they are all "frozen" as well. 

SQ flight from Seoul to Singapore

Here you go. My dinner menu. Satay for appertizer (again)

Followed by scallops that is not too fresh but ok. 

The beef was the recommended as the "chef's recommendation". It tasted good but the condiments looks like "black beans" and don't really blend in but once you wash down with the French wine, it tasted good. 

Ended with a mango cake and a platter of cheese. 

Not exactly the most healthy dinner but the cheese was great! The smellier the better. I left the cheddar untouched. 


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