Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Arsenal is top in 2013

The half season has just passed and we will see another round of kick offs today. 

This must be one of the tighest premier league I have seen for years. The top 5 are just separated by 6 points. The bottom 8 teams are also apart by only 6 points. Even the relegation race will be exciting. 

I watched the Arsenal Vs Tottenham live in Sep and now the coach Villa Boas is gone! If you are a BPL fan, I would strongly encourage you to book ahead and catch a live match. The atmosphere is simply awesome. :) I think my visit made a positive impact on Arsenal. 👍

I made the top 5 prediction last August. Let's see if it stands true eventually as it is difficult to predict now.

The surprise package to me this year is Everton. They have the tough team to beat with only 2 defeats. Ironically, Everton is above Man U and we will see if Man U will make a comeback under David Moyes for the second half of the season. 

Another surprise was Liverpool. Hopefully they make it to the top 5. 

Happy BPLing.

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