Saturday, 7 June 2014

Namsan Park - Seoul

If you are staying at Grand Hyatt Seoul, there is a park just outside the hotel which you should not miss. I think it's worth taking an hour jog and stroll into Namsan park. 

There are nice pathway with trees, stream and bushes along the way and you should head towards the Seoul TV tower. The journey is probably 3-4km to and fro. 

The way up is not easy as it can be pretty steep at times but there are many benches along the way for you to take a breadth and enjoy the scenery. 

You can get a great view of Seoul as you head upwards towards the Seoul TV tower. You can see Grand Hyatt in the background. 

Seoul TV tower is the target and I am only half way there. 

You can see some old walls along the road side.

The tower is the reward at the end of your walk but this is also the place where you will meet hordes of tourists who came up by buses and missed smelling the flowers along the way. 

At this point, you can either take the lift up to the top of Seoul Tower or you and your loved ones can "lock" your love in the trees. 

The locks are for sale inside the shops!

Seoul long. Don't miss this walk if you are staying at Grand Hyatt. ^_^

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