Sunday, 17 March 2013

Ippudo Singapore

Today we had lunch at Ippudo Singapore at Mandarin Gallery. This is the first Ippudo outlet here and they opened a second one near to Mohd sultan road (can't remember the name of the exact building)

I am not sure if you have been to Fukuoka, Japan. The Hakata ramen there is delicious and Ippudo hails from there. Having said that, I think the quality of the Ippudo ramen in Fukuoka is much better than what Ippudo serves here in Singapore.

Personally, I prefer the shio ramen from Santouka, which I have blogged about previously. The Ippudo ramen here is a tad too "commercialized" for me.

The gyoza and the salad is great but I didn't like the "kong ba" bao or "pork bun".

The long queues, ambience of blasting loud music and the rushed service makes you want to finish your food and go off quickly.

Overall, the experience is so-so and the ramen okay but not great. I enjoyed the side dishes though.

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