Thursday, 21 March 2013

China Railways

Mr. IPO is having a holiday in China. Took the "bullet train" and the train travelled at around 200km/h. The journey by car would have taken me around 4 hrs versus 2 hrs on the train.

As the railway develops, it will be much easier to move around in china and tourism will get a boost. Perhaps that is why Midas is having a great run recently ? ^_^

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  1. [[ anonymous 7 ]]

    This travel blog about china railways prompts me to say :

    if china floated off this railway system, either in shares or bonds form, would or could one go for it.

    Given the high level of indebtness at local government level, the relatively high level of indebtedness in the private banking system ... there may be some opportunity.

    Obviously, to float off this railway system requires money, and this money will come froim retained dividends.

    There is a lot of infrastructure to build and/or to float off.


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