Saturday, 24 November 2012

Food Review - Sin Huat Eating House

Tonight we decided to be adventurous and try the "notorious" Sin Huat Crab Bee Hoon located in Geylang. The reviews from Hungrygowhere is here.
Sin Huat Eating House

This is the restaurant which Anthony Baudouin visited when he came to Singapore (and probably saved by him as well). The chef is one peculiar kind, he doesn't allow anyone to take orders. He will personally take the orders and recommend the dishes which he wants you to eat.

Fried baby kailan
The first dish that came was the baby kailan. Fried just nicely but a tad too salty.

The second dish that came was the scallops in dark sauce. I think he used too much garlic and that overpowered the scallops. A bit wasteful as the scallops are fresh.

Frog legs in chicken essence
The chicken essence frog eggs are cooked perfectly and tender and fresh. Again, it is on the salty side and I am quite sure they recycle the chicken essence bottles. 
Steamed Parrot fish 
Again the parrot fish is steamed just right. The sauce is once again salty, thus luckily there is enough veg to neutralize the saltiness.
Famous Crab Bee Hoon
Finally, the crab bee hoon arrived. This crab bee hoon is not the usual type soupy type. This is the dish that made him famous and the first time we tried this. The crab was succulent and not overcooked but by this time, we are pretty full because we have to wait so long for the dishes to be served one-by-one and had almost 6 coconuts and 6 lime juices (due to the salty dishes).

The dinner for 4 adults and 2 kids came up to $430.80. Unbelievably expensive for a coffee shop experience with no ambience to start with. It will be a long while before i will consider visiting this place again.... but if you never try, you wouldn't know. I will rate the food as a tad too salty even though the ingredients used are fresh.  The services are very slow and mediocre. The service staff's attitude probably reflected that of the boss as well. It is indeed true that the CEO sets the culture of the firm!


  1. Wah, $430 for 4 adults and 2 kids, definitely get chopped by them. I'll rather go for buffet at $40/pax.

  2. Haha. Yeah... Kana chop radish. :)

  3. OMG! I think the owner should simply just rob the bank, what is the difference? How much is that plate of veg?


  4. So, Mr IPO, this is where your passive income is going. on $430 hawker food for 5-6. what is the world coming to? ...

  5. This one passive income not enough... More like need to rob and come here...


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