Saturday, 16 August 2014

The most exciting football league kicks off tonight.

The most exciting football league is going to kick off tonight. Why do I say so? In most league, you have one or two clear favorites running for the title. 

I have shared with your previously the CEO (aka as the Manager) is very important. Look at what David Moyes has done to a Championship team and you will know what I mean. 

This season, I think it will be hard to predict who will be the league winner and that is what makes this league such a money spinner.  

Manchester City was the defending champion and played attacking football last season. The team remained mostly intact. The coach is low profile and very effective. Won the title in his first season so you really have to give it to him. I would rate it as a title contender. 

Liverpool was second but unfortunately, despite the good work done by Brendan Rogers, I don't think they managed to find a replacement for Luis Suarez. Whether the proceeds from the sale of Suarez is well spent remained to be seen. With Championship football back, they will not be able to focus fully this time. I think they will drop out of the top 3. 

Chelsea was third and has bought well during off season with one proven goal scorer in Diego Coasta and one proven mid fielder in Cesc Fabegras. I think they will be a title contender this season. 

Arsenal is a perennial no. 3 or 4 for the last few seasons. This Arsene Wenger is too much of a value investor and in recent years have finally be enlightened to spend more money on proven players. Their football is always exciting but can never have enough injury free players to last through the season. If the manager is willing to "invest" more, I am sure they will become a title contender. 

Manchester United is not to be ignored. The Louis Van Gaal is a genius and yet full of guts. He will be a great coach for Man United after seeing how Holland was unbeaten at the World Cup. With no champions league to distract them, the coach will be able to get his act together. I will rate Man United a a title contender again. (You see how I rated David Moyes last year). A good coach is half the battle won. 

Tottenham will be the dark horse this season with a new CEO in place. However, don't expect him to create magic overnight. 

My prediction as follows:
1. Manchester United (new CEO plus no champion league distraction)
2. Chelsea (even Jose needs to give face to Louis)
3. Manchester City (no more hunger)
4. Arsenal (jinxed)
5. Liverpool (no bite left after Suarez left). 

Here you go. The unbiased predictions from Mr. IPO. Mr IPO declare that he has no vested interest and does not punt. Je is also not a die hard fan of any club. He firmly believes that a CEO ("manager") is one of the most important success element and as in any organization, the top sets the tone.

Happy BPLing. 

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