Monday, 2 September 2013

You only live once.

This is my first time catching a live football match in England. It is one of those things which I want to do before I kick the bucket. That is where the term "bucket" list comes from. 

The derby match between Arsenal and Tottenham is always full of rivalry. I am sure all derby matches are similar. It was an awesome experience and the atmosphere is electrifying. I must admit the "English" fans are crazy and passionate and this is what makes the English football exciting for foreign players and coaches as well.  But watching this using "secondary" market is pretty expensive as all the official tickets were sold out way in advance. This experience comes at a "heavy price" of around 200 pounds... Ouch...Hahaha. But what the heck, I only live once and the Sunday kick off timing was "perfect" to let me combine leisure on a working trip. :)

Happy doing up your own little list and make it happen. ^_^


  1. Enjoy the game, you deserve it! =)

    Enjoying your IPO updates since err.... long time ago.

  2. Tks :) must share my happiness with my readers Mah. Haha


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