Thursday, 15 August 2013


Went Jamie's for lunch at Vivocity. Need to reserve few weeks in advance and the verdict....?

Had a jug of iced basil tea, small pasta with vongole, pork chop and small risotto. Total cost $101.81. 

Not worth it. The pasta is bland and the food is generally not authentic. Another one of those restaurants riding on the coat tail of a celebrity. 

Give it a miss. 


  1. I had a different experience.

    My thoughts are that the two most expensive mains (i.e. Pink Snapper Acqua Pazza $32 and 30 Day Mature Prime Rib $64.50) are the very best!

    The pastas that I tried were overshadowed by these 2 mains. =)

    ps: I am amazed how you can have handle so many blogs at one time (IPO, stocks and even food / travel). Zai!

  2. Haha like that I need to go and try again lor. :)

  3. but i agree that the food was not worth it in general though. Tried their tagliatelle bolognese, wild mushroom ravioli, the jamie oliver's burger and polenta chips, totally bland and disappointing despite raving reviews for their burger. It was tasteless, juiceless and not the least bit tender. the bolognese pasta was a tad too salty for my taste, the ravioli has a nice texture but bland as well, and the polenta chips; u guessed it, bland again. :(

  4. haha yah. My pasta was too soft, taste bland and have 5 small clams. The pork chop came with fried pork lard that is very hard keke. :)


  5. [[ anonymous 7 ]]

    May I suggest something that is cheaper, involves hawker food, little hype-and-jazz, and is good?

    a. buy some good hokkien mee from hawker.

    b. get two medium-large scallops.

    c. bake scallop (wrapped in tin foil) in oven. No need for any unnecessary condiments; maybe some sesame oil.

    d. What you want is the scallop juice; save it.

    e. Hokkien mee + scallop + scallop juice = good eating.

    Not exactly very cheap, but definitely does not cost $100 either.

    Everyday luxury. No need for a Jamie Burger - ridiculous concept.


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